Dr. Greg Barnett is the Chief People Scientist at Energage, the provider of a leading employee engagement platform. Greg is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist who’s done stints at Hogan Assessments and IBM Kenexa. More recently, Greg and I worked together at The Predictive Index. He’s as entertaining as he is knowledgeable, and as soon as I launched my new podcast, I couldn’t wait to get Greg onto the show.

Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Pay attention to feedback when it’s given to you, but don’t be overly self-critical—make progress, don’t chase perfection.
  2. Recognize that self awareness is a journey and that your developmental efforts should evolve over time—work to be well rounded earlier in your career while doubling down on strengths later on.
  3. Use your self awareness as a type of North Star and always remain true to yourself so that you don’t convince yourself that a situation or a decision is a fit when it actually isn’t.