Top 3 Takeaways

  1. My successes AND my failures have equally shaped my leadership perspective.
  2. Lead the People is all about providing high speed, high impact leadership tips you can use in the real world delivered in a way that’s not Boring AF.
  3. You’re a leader on your own journey—you’re ready to do whatever it takes to reach that next level—and you’re in the right place.

From the Source

"Lead the People is my weekly leadership podcast. I want the episodes to feel like you’re dropping in on a conversation I’m having with my guests. One focus for the show is on my three leadership pillars—self mastery, inspiring others, and delivering results."

"We’ll also explore other themes, trends, and topics that affect us as leaders."

"In my experience, there are a few situations when you may be particularly interested in learning more about leadership and how to apply those lessons to your day-to-day efforts and outcomes. I know this because I’ve been faced with each situation at one point or another in my own life."

"Whatever your leadership story, I think you’ll benefit greatly from what you learn on the show."